• SOIL PROTECTION - Optimum protection of grass sward and crops by rounded tread lug edges. Low soil compaction by wide tread lugs construction and better pressure distribution in the footprint due to tread stiffness
  • LATERAL STABILITY - Excellent lateral grip by special block design with multi oriented faces combined with excellent selfcleaning properties
  • DURABILITY & MILEAGE - Full steel construction extremely robust to perforation. Excellent mileage performance thanks to special rubber compound
  • SAFETY - Limited stone and mud retention due to optimum tread geometry. Excellent directional stability due nearly continuous central rib and tread stiffness


SizeLI / SSTypeRimS.W.odslrrcsri
600/50R22.5 IMP159 DTLAG20.00×22.5611117252718550
500/60R22.5 IMP155 DTLAG16.00×22.5503117252718550
560/60R22.5 IMP161 DTLAG16.00×22.5543124456018600
560/45R22.5 IMP152 DTLAG16.00×22.5543107648418525
710/40R22.5 IMP161 DTLAG24.00×22.5727114051318550
600/55R26.5 IMP165 DTLAG20.00×26.5611133360020625
650/55R26.5 IMP169 DTLAG20.00×26.5645138962520650
710/50R26.5 IMP170 DTLAG24.00×26.5727138362220650
800/45R26.5 IMP174 DTLAG28.00×26.5828139362720675
650/65R30.5 IMP176 DTLAG20.00×30.5645162172923775
710/50R30.5 IMP167 DTLAG24.00×30.5727148566823700
750/60R30.5 IMP181 DTLAG24.00×30.5754167575423800