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Ground Support Equipment


Deep rib pattern and low rolling resistance provides the longest service life and lowest operating cost in ground support applications.


  • Extra deep ribs provide exceptional grip in wet conditions
  • Reduced vibration and improved stability
  • Cool running cushion center compound
  • Low rolling resistance tread compound
  • Optional apertures for extra soft ride


SizeAlt. SizeRimSidewallO.D.S.W.L.C.C.
in.mmin.mm6 mph/10 kph
10 mph/15 kph
4.00-84.80-8 3.00DST164064.61172320/1050 1685/765
4.00-84.80-8 3.00DAP164064.61171970/895 1430/650
4.00-84.80-8 3.75IST164064.61172910/1320 2105/955
4.00-84.80-8 3.75IAP164064.61172470/1120 1800/815
5.00-85.70-83.75IST17.84525.31353330/1510 2420/1100
5.00-85.70-83.75IAP17.84525.31352840/1290 2060/935
5.00-85.70-84.25IST17.84525.31353660/1660 2660/1205
5.00-85.70-84.25IAP17.84525.31353110/1410 2330/1055
5.00-85.70-84.50KST17.84525.31354010/1820 2905/1320
5.00-85.70-84.50KAP17.84525.31353410/1545 2470/1120