MS705 TR

MS705 TR



  • 3-stage, all rubber compound construction combines ultimate tread cut resistance with a comfortable ride
  • Available in smooth or traction tread designs with or without apertures for maximum versatility
  • Zero maintenance and downtime with deep tread for extended life vs. pneumatic tires
  • Aperture (AP) Sidewall configuration designed to improve operator comfort
  • Self-cleaning R4 tread design for maximum traction


Size Tread Sidewall Rim O.D. S.W. T.D. L.I. L.C.C.
mm mm mm 10 km/h 15 km/h
31x10-20 (10-16.5)SMST7.5x207872541372152A235502575
31x10-20 (10-16.5)SMAP7.5x207872541372148A231502280
31x10-20 (10-16.5)R4ST7.5x207872541372152A235502575
31x10-20 (10-16.5)R4AP7.5x207872541372148A231502280
33x12-20 (12-16.5)SMST7.5x208382791803156A240002900
33x12-20 (12-16.5)SMAP7.5x208382791803152A235502575
33x12-20 (12-16.5)R4ST7.5x208382791803156A240002900
33x12-20 (12-16.5)R4AP7.5x208382791803152A235502575
36x14-20 (14 -17.5)R4ST7.5x209143482311159A243753170
36x14-20 (14 -17.5)R4AP7.5x209143482311155A238752810
40x14-20 (15-19.5)R4ST10.0x2010163563505173A265004715
40x14-20 (15-19.5)R4AP10.0x2010163563505169A258004205