Which Tractor Tires should you choose: Standard or VF?

2 мая, 2023

Which Tractor Tires should you choose: Standard or VF?

From the outside, there is no way to tell the product differences between standard and VF agricultural tires. The shape will be similar, and the number of lugs may only change based on specific tire sizes – so what makes one better than the other?

The internal construction of a standard agricultural tire versus a VF tire is what differentiates the performance and productivity levels of an operation. VF tires are manufactured with high tensile strength in order to tackle high loads, required by the equipment’s sidewall flexing. This sophisticated technology thus results in a higher quality tire.

So, what is the best option for you and your operation? In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of the two technologies available to you.

Standard Tractor Tires

Standard tires are still the most commonly seen product available at tire dealerships and employed on farms. Although standard tires are lower in initial price, farmers must ensure that proper maintenance practices are employed to ensure the best possible performance out of their ag tires. In all instances, the cold inflation or internal air pressure must be monitored and adapted depending on the axle load, working speed, and type of fieldwork expected (with or without tractive force).

In some cases, farmers may have to adjust their tire’s working air pressure several times a day depending on the type of work expected. Driving on the road between two nearby or distant plots of land, longer journeys from one farm to another, working in the field with a rear-mounted implement, or towing a heavy cargo carrier, are all situations that will cause a farmer to have to adjust their working pressure. Adjusting your air pressure frequently will decrease the amount of productive work a farmer or grower can achieve in a day.

As modern agricultural machinery continues to enter the market, the need to adjust air pressure is being solved through the employment of onboard or mounted inflation systems. This is the most effective solution but is still rarely adopted in most operations. Farmers or growers can also manually adjust their pressure for their most demanding conditions such as moving or driving their equipment on hard roads from field to field. The downside of this is that the tire hardly ever works in its ideal configuration and must be constantly adjusted to the working conditions resulting in lower productivity rates. View MAXAM’s range of agricultural tires for more information.

 VF Technology Tires

As the name indicates, VF (very high flexion) tires offer increased flexibility and can bear heavier loads. VF tires are engineered to surmount the highest levels of tire deflection through the development of new rubber compounds and casing materials. With MAXAM’s VF technology, farmers and growers can either carry 40% more tire load at normal air pressures or operate at 40% less air pressure for the same tire load to reduce ground pressure.

The VF product advantage can deliver reduced soil compaction and improved flotation without compromising the required traction to ensure improved efficiency for farmers globally. Backed by an 8-year tire warranty, MAXAM is focused on protecting customers’ investments while supplying exceptional product performance.

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