MAXAM Tire Mining Operator Awareness Guide

septiembre 23, 2021

MAXAM Tire Mining Operator Awareness Guide

OTR Technical Bulletin – MAXAM discusses key indicators that can positively impact the life of the tire and increase a site’s overall productivity.

Mining is an everchanging and demanding industry. Optimizing production and reducing downtime is critical. Preshift inspections with specific attention to the tires will lead to increased uptime and a safer work environment for all. Always identify and report any abnormal tire, wheel or site conditions in order to maximize safety, productivity and performance at your mine site.

Below is MAXAM Tire’s Mining Operator Awareness Guide that contains component that should be checkpoints at the driver’s monthly meetings. Acting on any one of these key indicators can positively impact tire life and increase your site’s overall productivity.

In addition, here are also some tips to maximize your tire life.

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