Proper road conditions for OTR tires

junio 27, 2023

Proper road conditions for OTR tires

Having proper road conditions not only helps ensure maximum safety on your job site but also extends tire life for your application.

Key aspects of road conditions include:

  1. Road width
  2. Drainage
  3. Road grade
  4. Road care

I. Road width

Road width should be determined by the width of the vehicle. Your additional lane should double the width of your vehicle. For example, if your vehicle’s width is 8 feet, the other lane should be about 16 feet. Similarly, if your vehicle is 12 feet, the other lane should be 24 feet.

Truck Width12 ft.16 ft.20 ft.24 ft.28 ft.
Lane Width24 ft.32 ft.40 ft.48 ft.56 ft.

II. Drainage

Sharp debris can be hidden by water when the haul road isn’t properly drained and such debris can easily damage your tire.

III. Road grade

Grades can cause tires to wear quickly, below is a table that illustrates how each increases in the percentage of road grade decreases tire life. Once the grade percentage is past 10%, tire life quickly and significantly decreases.







% Tire Life






To calculate road grade percentage, take the following formula:

IV. Road care

Having proper road maintenance established is critical to ensuring tire life. Below is how each road care and its aspects can impact your OTR tires.

Road care Impact on tires
Smoother road surfacePrevents cuts, punctures, breaks, and separations
Reduced gradesReducing excess wear on tires, extending tire life
Wider road widthAllows optimum safety
Wider punctures radius and no negative curvesReduces spillage and less cut damage to tires, extends casing life by eliminating high lateral tire forces
Proper hauling distancesReduces chances of heat separations from excessive TMPH/TKPH
Drainage systemReduces potential deep cuts and cut separations from sharp debris


Haul roads should be wide, clean, and without ruts. Road crown should be about 3%.

In addition to the big four factors discussed above, the below job profile also impacts tire life.

  • Length of Haul
    (Heat Build-Up)
  • Cycle Times (Speeds)
  • Work Schedule
  • Grades
  • Curves
  • Underfoot Conditions
  • Actual Loads/
    Load Distribution

Should you need further assistance, contact your local MAXAM rep and we’ll assist you with your inquiries.

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