MAXAM MS412 vs. MS402

mars 24, 2022

Understanding when to choose MS402 or MS412

The MAXAM MS402 and MS412 are both E4 haulage truck tires that are suitable for similar use in higher speed or long-haul applications on well-maintained haul roads, but their tread pattern and design make a very distinguishable difference in terms of application needs and mine site’s specific demands.

The MS402 features:

  • Solid tread centerline minimizes vibration and increases tread life
  • Wide square footprint distributes load for minimal haul road disturbance
  • Reinforced bead, shoulder, and sidewall for increased cut resistance
  • Heat-resistant undertread reduces tire temperature
  • Multiple tread compound options target specific site requirements

The MS412 features:

  • Strong all-steel casing reduces cuts and punctures, increasing the casing durability
  • High lug-to-void ratio for improved wear and impact protection
  • Deep tread grooves provide cooler running tread
  • Strategically placed stone ejectors deliver maximum protection from stone trapping
  • Optimized base compound enables high speed operation with low heat build-up

While the MS402 is suitable for some mine sites and applications that demand extra-long tread life, MAXAM Mining Group (MMG) has recorded that the MS412 delivers the highest TMPH of all E4 tires*. Taking the feedback from customers that the MS402 may spin and experience separation in roads that are not as well-maintained, our engineers created the MS412 pattern with specific features in mind to help eliminate some of the shortcomings the MS402 may encounter.  

*Based on MAXAM’s field engineer data

Taking the existing MS402 tread pattern, MAXAM’s engineers took the two existing straight lines and changed them into rounded arc. In addition, they also modified six pieces of small lugs into four bigger lugs for enhanced traction. To prevent stones on the road from trapping and resulting in deep cuts and separation, a stone ejector design was added at the area prone to stone trapping.

Some of the other features and benefits that MS412’s users have stated include:

  • MS412 has relatively shallower tread depth and offers better heat dispersion performance
  • MS412 incorporates a relatively low lug-to-void ratio and with better traction
  • MS412 has a unique stone ejection design for better stone ejection performance

It’s vital to select the correct tire, tread pattern and most importantly, the right compound for the mine site’s specific needs. In addition, it’s also important to have a detailed analysis on the mine site’s road condition and applications conducted, so that customers can determine the suitable tires that are right for their needs.

In the analysis MMG conducts on any mine sites, we prioritize what fits the customer’s needs rather than pushing products to be sold. It’s our priority to ensure that every customer and mine site operate efficiently with proper safety guidelines, products, and maintenance programs, even if their applications aren’t fitted with MAXAM’s tires.

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