Understanding MAXAM Agricultural Series Unique Naming Conventions

Maio 10, 2021

MAXAM on Understanding MAXAM’s Agricultural Series Unique Naming Conventions

AG Technical Bulletin What are your unique proprietary naming conventions, what specific tire attributes do they identify, and what features and benefits do they offer producer?

The MAXAM agricultural product group has focused its efforts on developing a relevant and technology driven range of radial tires in both standard and VF tire construction engineered to meet the evolving equipment needs of farmers and growers worldwide. Our radial agricultural tires are designed to deliver a simple, yet effective range of tires grouped by aspect ratio (tire tread width versus sidewall height) and size to meet current as well as future equipment evolution. Provided below is the MAXAM agricultural offering or nomenclature (tire sizing) conventions:

  • AGRIXTRA 85: Tires that have “80” or “85” (as well as standard sized tires: 18.4R38) in their sizing
  • AGRIXTRA 70: Tires that have “70” in their sizing or have “lower aspect ratio”
  • AGRIXTRA 65: Tires that have “65” in their sizing or have “super low aspect ratio”
  • AGRIXTRA XL (Extra Large): Tires for high horsepower tractors or harvesters with “70 & 65” aspect ratios
  • AGRIXTRA H (Harvesting): High volume tires for harvesters or floaters (spreader) applications
  • AGRIXTRA N (Narrow): Narrow applications tires with “90 or 100” aspect ratios for tractors or sprayers
  • FLOTXTRA (“Float-extra”): Steel constructed tires for high load or speed implement or tanker applications

Each of our radial agricultural tires is designed to operate on the road or in the field based on a given load and speed requirement to carry the selected equipment weight. In many cases, our tires despite being engineered for a specific machine or application are multi-platform capable. The below table illustrates the various agricultural vehicles from smaller horsepower tractors to mid-size tractors, through to large 4WD tractors, harvesters, sprayers, floaters, and as well heavy load implements or tank equipment our agricultural radial tires are capable to equip:

MAXAM radial agricultural tires have been developed with the load and speed capacity to meet current market needs and as well with the capability to address future market applications. In addition, we are designing VF or “Very High Flexion” tires within each product group to engage current and future high load or high-speed equipment evolution. The goal of our radial agricultural product strategy is to bring the right sizes at the right load capabilities that will meet or exceed market needs and to deliver the value and performance that MAXAM customers have grown to expect. Backed by a world-class warranty program, our radial agricultural tires are manufactured to maximize your performance in the field! Try the MAXAM advantage in your agricultural operations today!

For additional information, contact your local representative or visit us at maxamtire.com.

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