MAXAM Tire OTR Inflation Reference Guide

septembre 21, 2021

MAXAM Tire OTR Inflation Reference Guide

OTR Technical Bulletin – MAXAM discusses the correct air pressure for wheeled loaders and articulated dump trucks

There is always a question as to what the correct air pressure is for tires mounted on a wheel loader or articulated dump truck. Air pressure for each application is determined by many different factors and just as well all know, a tire cannot perform without air. Air is the most important factor for any tire as the air carries the load, not the tire.

Air is to the tire what oil is to the engine. Without either, the actual life will be shortened. As a helpful guide, MAXAM has put together a suggested air pressure chart to help keep your operation running smoothly.

Please keep in mind, cold inflation checks are the best and most accurate. A cold tire is generally defined as one that has been sitting idle and not used for a minimum of 24 hours. From this point, the pressure can be monitored more accurately. Hot inflation checks, in most cases, are the norm since many operations are 24/7. Therefore, knowing the cold inflation pressure of the tire will help track the rise in pressure in a working tire. This will then help to set the correct standards for warm inflation checks.

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