Maxam Radial Skid Steer & Backhoe Tires

Built to last 3x more than bias skid steer & backhoe tire

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Radial Skid Steer and Backhoe Tires

Manufactured with all-steel-radial constructions, the radial skid steer and backhoe series deliver superior performance compared to the standard bias tires. Boasting 150% savings in cost-per-hour and 3x more tread life than bias tires, you can have it all with performance and the lowest operating cost.

Why choose our radial skid steer and backhoe series?

Why choose our radial skid steer and backhoe series:

  • Superior tire life with three times more tread life than standard bias tires.
  • Minimum downtime risk with potentially 150% savings in cost-per-hour.
  • Lower operating cost with 80% fewer flats on job sites.
  • All-steel-radial construction provide more strength, puncture resistance, durability and load capacity.
  • Wide tread design optimizes your application’s flotation and traction in all conditions.
  • Maximum stability with heavy-duty, reinforced bead and sidewall construction.

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