Underground Mining Tires

Explore our range of underground mining tires for articulated dump trucks and load haul dump loaders.

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Engineered for extreme underground mining conditions, MAXAM’s range of radial and bias underground mining solutions not only delivers the advantages required for aggressive applications but also provides various heat-severity requirements for customers globally.

Maximum load capacity for the toughest underground mining applications

Get maximum load capacity with the utmost traction, cut resistance, and durability for your underground mining applications.

Perform beyond your expectations, MAXAM’s 3-start rated L5/L5s and 4-start rated E4/L4 underground mining radial tires tackle the most severe jobs with ease. Incorporating specialized mining compounds for extra cut resistance and impact resistance, MAXAM’s 3-star rated load haul dump loaders tires and 4-star rated articulated dump truck tires are built to last with minimum downtime and cost per hour. Similar to MAXAM’s heavy-duty OTR and surface mining tires, the underground mining series is engineered to meet even the most extreme and harshest conditions with the utmost heat severity requirements.

From tread design and rubber compound to manufacturing, MAXAM Tire supplies the underground mining industry with the highest standard in performance and warranty. As a leading manufacturer offering the most competitive radial surface mining and OTR tires, MAXAM prides itself in its “boots on the ground” service, providing the absolute highest quality of support for underground mining and surface mining operations globally.

Load Haul Dump Loader


MineXtra – L5 Underground Mining Tires
For use in the most severe applications where traction and long tread life are required.
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MineXtra – L5S Underground Mining Tires
For equipment operating in highly abrasive material environments where maximum protection from penetrations and cuts is needed.
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BIAS UGM L5S Underground Mining Tires
Extra-deep, smooth treaded tire for the ultimate protection from cuts and punctures in underground mining applications.
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Underground Mining Articulated Dump Truck


E4/L4 Underground Mining Tires
Deep E4/L4 lug pattern combines excellent traction and high resistance to wear and cutting. Specifically designed to minimize vibration at haul speeds and provide the lowest cost-per-hour.
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E4/L4 Underground Mining Tires
Deep E4/L4 lug pattern combines excellent traction and high resistance to wear and cutting. Specifically designed to maximize traction in loader applications and provide the lowest cost-per-hour.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Inflation pressure should be checked daily prior to operation, at the start of each working shift on cold tires. Cold pressure is when the internal air temperature is the same as the ambient temperature.

If your fleet operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the difference between cold and hot pressures should be established for every season, every cycle, and every wheel position separately. This enables hot pressure evaluation and stabilization, determining the correct pressure when warm. This can be done by adjusting cold pressures on a vehicle after servicing in the workshop, then repeating the process immediately after at least four hours of operations.

Indoor: cool, dark, and dry area.

Outdoor: cover the tires with a waterproof cover.

Positioning: place tires vertically, never stack tires not mounted on rims on top of another.

Debris and chemical: never expose the tires to water, oil, fuel, and lubricants.

Bead protector and steel band: never remove it until you’re ready to mount the tire.

If your tire has been used, have a sticker or tag showing its OD (outer diameter) for reference.

Type of equipment to handle earthmover and haulage tires:

  • Forklift
  • Mechanical loader
  • Craned with textile straps

Do not use:

  • forks from forklifts, chains, and hooks to lift
  • metal slings, chains, cables, or cords as they can damage beads


  • a smooth clamp and handle by the tire tread with ease on the sidewall
  • a boom attachment on a forklift and handle through the tire’s center
  • use only flat textile slings or straps and secure through the tire center
  • use hands or clamps with pins and only handle by the tread area

For a visual guide, we’ve created a guide on handling large earthmover and haulage tires.

Maximizing your mining tire life starts with proper operation. Ensure the operator is properly trained.

Never do the following when operating a rigid dump truck:

  • no abrupt starts and stops
  • no sudden/hard braking
  • no excessive speed
  • no sharp turns
  • no steering the wheel while stopped
  • no overloading

Ensure road condition is good. Avoid greasy and oil surfaces, stones, and rocks when driving. If possible, maintain the road condition with graders and other equipment so your mining tires don’t run into sharp debris.

Always conduct a preshift inspection with specific attention to the tires. Report any abnormal tire, wheel, or site conditions to maximize safety. Pay special attention to the following attributes in your preshift operator check:

  • air pressure
  • tire conditions
  • load management
  • dump and load area
  • wheel components
  • road maintenance

For details, we have created a rigid dump truck operator awareness guide for you to learn more.

It’s vital for operations to inspect their mining tires daily to maximize tire life and productivity. When inspecting tires daily, be sure to check the following:

  • The external appearance of the tire
  • Rims and valves
  • Inflation pressure

MAXAM offers a guide on identifying some common radial OTR and mining tire damages, if you still need further assistance on damaged tires, please contact your local MAXAM rep.

TKPH / TMPH is average tire load (metric tons) x average speed (Km/h or miles/h). It calculates the load-speed-time factor to ensure that the load is within the tire’s temperature limits. Knowing your site’s TKPH/ TMPH requirements play a vital role in selecting the correct rubber compound.

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