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Agro-Industrial Radial


All-steel radial industrial tire designed for high traction in agricultural applications. Belt stabilized tread provides excellent stability and resistance to punctures and field hazards.


  • Open center design for soft soil traction
  • Reinforced lug centerline for hard surface grip and stability
  • Self cleaning lug design
  • Steel belts provide wide, flat footprint and protect from punctures
  • Excellent lateral stability, ideal for Telehandler applications


SizeAlt. SizeLI / SSTypeRimO.D.S.W.T.D.R.C.Weight
400/70R24 IND16.0/70R24152A8/BTL1346.1117216.14074032137.5349217077
460/70R24 IND17.5LR24159A8/BTLDW15L49.31252.018.44674637 149.6380021698
500/70R24 IND*19.5LR24*164A8/BTLDW16L51.31304.019.85034939156.33969247112